You’re the AI in charge of a scifi station. It needs maintenance work done, but you can’t directly repair anything. But, you do have a helper who will follow your instructions...

He is the Loneliest Robot, and has problems of his own. See if you can save the station before he becomes overwhelmed!

WASD to move your AI Robo-Roomba. SPACE to startle humans! Move over the "hug residue" to clean it up.

The Lonely Robot and buttons/doodads: by 0x72

Humans and tileset: by Trevor Pupkin

"Hug Streak Callout" voiceovers:
Bouncing Turtle's 2-year-old Lily


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Truly impressive for your first game ever. Innovative mechanic too!

My highest score was just over 2000.

I really appreciate the credit too, cheers :)


This was my first-ever game, and my first-ever game jam! Thanks for bugging me to do this with you! :)